Inquiry confirms the expected publication of its Final Report will now be March 2024

The Infected Blood Inquiry, led by Chair Sir Brian Langstaff, today announced a delay in the publication of its much-anticipated final report.  Originally expected to be released in late autumn, the scale of materials to be examined, the weight of criticisms directed at individuals and organisations, and legal requirements have necessitated a revision of this timeline.

The delay in publication is primarily attributed to the extensive criticisms detailed in the Inquiry Report, which spans over 50 years of wrongs.  In accordance with the Inquiry Rules 2006, warning letters will or have already been issued to individuals and organisations subject to explicit or significant criticism. This process ensures that any responses can be considered by the Chair before finalising the report.

Bill Wright, Co-Chair of Haemophilia Scotland, said:  

“The delay in the publication of the Inquiry Report comes as a major disappointment, but not entirely a surprise, given the volume of evidence of highly serious failures brought to light repeatedly throughout the Inquiry’s life, both corporate and individual.

This news about the revised publication date will add to the growing despair among those affected and infected, given the insistence of the UK Government that they will not make any further announcement on compensation until after the Inquiry reports.  This remains a severe disappointment to those infected.

We understand that it is vital that the Report is factually and legally robust and, reflects the weight of evidence presented to the inquiry of the wrongs done over 50 years. 

As the Inquiry Chair has said in his second interim report on compensation:

“My conclusion is that wrongs were done at individual, collective and systemic levels.  Not only do the infections themselves and their consequences merit compensation, but so too do the wrongs done by the way in which authority responded to what happened.”

The Inquiry continues to have our full confidence.”

Haemophilia Scotland will make further comment in due course on our next steps following this announcement.

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