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Haemophilia Scotland have warmly welcomed the Interim Report from Infected Blood Inquiry Chair Sir Brian Langstaff which was announced at the end of the Inquiry hearings on July 29th. The report sets out the rationale for £100,000 interim compensation payments to survivors and bereaved of those infected with hepatitis C and/or HIV.

In a letter to the Minister for the Cabinet Office , Michael Ellis, Sir Brian calls for payment to be made without delay.

Speaking to BBC Reporting Scotland immediately following the Inquiry hearings, Haemophilia Scotland Chair Bill Wright welcomed Sir Brian Langstaff’s ruling and called on the UK Government to act urgently, emphasising the decades of waiting for justice by those involved.

Bill has since added, “Given the history of intransigence and feet dragging, we expect the UK Government to act before the Inquiry reconvenes in September. We have already lost too many people since the Inquiry began four years ago and there cannot be any further delays in the interim compensation recommended for the infected and bereaved.


  1. It may be a positive that Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss have both advised they will support the interim payments to be made without delay. However, politicians will say anything to improve their chances of success so will take that with a pinch of salt. Michael Ellis and the Treasury need to get their act together and get government to actually respond and confirm they will go along with this course of action given it seems to be attracting more support from MP’s across all parties. We will just have to wait (yet again) for the usual glacial speed of politics.

  2. I welcome Sir Brian’s recommendation on the 29th. It was lacking somewhat, carers of loved ones was missed out. That needs addressing.
    This payment needs to be carried out ASAP and the victim’s that are severely I’ll should be paid out 1st.

    Thank you for your time

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