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Lloyds Telephone Lines Currently Busier Than Usual

Lloyds Home Delivery are currently having trouble with their phone lines.

If you able to just hold the line you will get through eventually. You should phone earlier than they maybe normally do to request your next delivery as it is taking longer than average to speak to the team at Lloyds.

Deliveries/stock procurement has not been affected.

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  1. Hi Alex, l bare to differ with your comments on Lloyd’s you said delivery stocks and procurement is unaffected l can correct you in that position. As you maybe aware from Bill, l never got a phone call from Lloyd’s the week before my delivery so l had to wait till Monday to phone which took all day Hanging on the phone with no answer all day and had to give up. l left a numerous messages to contact me as my delivery was Tuesday panicking as l only had 2 treatments left.l phoned the unit in Glasgow to complain and they said l was not the only one complaining about Lloyd’s and they would try to get in touch with Lloyd’s. It took to the following day at lunch time for a girl to ask me what factor and how many units l needed. I told her 20 ,2ooo units l asked her why was their a problem she said June Ludlum was of sick with covid l expressed my my concern for the factor which should have been delivered that day and l virtually had no stock left which l needed asap.Then on the thursday to my surprise the van arrived with only a very small package l opened it up and their was only 2 2000units not 20 , 2000 units l ask driver does he have anymore on the van he said no. Again l was on the phone for ages getting elevator music played to me for ages so l phone the unit to complain once again, then later that afternoon l got a girl on the phone told her l never got my supply which l ordered only to be told the factor was out of stock and they were waiting for resupply and said can l wait too the following week.l asked to speak with her manager l told her that Lloyd’s had duty of care to make sure l have the blood product that they said they would supply when they put in their tender to the hospital for the contract to supply. l also told her that l needed my factor ASAP and that it was unexcusable to run out of stock as we may need them to re supply at anytime for any Haemophiliacs. She then said after l forced the issue she can get her hands on some on Friday and the rest would come this week l know its only Tuesday but their still waiting for resupply. I was also told that they knew they had problems with the phone lines and are awaiting a new system which will not be in place for 6 months that’s not acceptable for anybody hanging on the phone wondering is my products going to arrive or not.The van driver also made a comment that alot more things were wrong in the background. Last week was so stressful for me and l never got to see most of the infected blood inquiry which was important because it was in relation to the Scottish blood transfusion Centre. Anyhow l wish you all the best in your new position Alex. Best regards lan Aitken

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