New version of Haemtrack planned to go live

On the 20th of September, the new version of Haemtrack is planned to go-live.

It will offer an improved interface with additional functions that allow review of treatments in dashboards, the ability to share data with multiple centres and manage multiple Haemtrack accounts from one device e.g. parents and guardians of children. It does not require treatments to be synchronised.

For patients using the old Haemtrack apps, these apps will no longer function once the new system goes live. However, accessing the new Haemtrack system in much the same way on mobile devices will still be possible.

To ensure you can access the new Haemtrack system when it goes live, please check that your user account details are correct by logging into the current web-based version of Haemtrack at If you have difficulty logging in, contact your Haemophilia centre

If you are currently using the Haemtrack app on your mobile device, please ensure that all your treatments have been synchronised before the 20th of September, so that all your treatments move to the new system.

For support or any questions, please email or call 0161 850 5075.

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  1. Quite disappointed that the iOS app (as well as Android version) is being retired as it was so easy to use. Being able to scan the QR code directly into the app was extremely handy, time saving and meant less typing mistakes. Not sure why the 2 systems could not continue to work in tandem as I rarely access the web portal as the app does everything I need. I understand that for some the web based system offers more flexibility, but for quick, efficient recording of treatments, the app was just better imho.

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