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Go Karting for people aged 50+ affected by a bleeding disorder

On Saturday 17th September, we were at Knockhill Racing Circuit with people aged 50+ affected by a bleeding disorder.

Thanks to everyone who turned out!

It was a great opportunity to meet and connect with one another after so long and to have a discussion about the needs of those aged 50+ affected by a bleeding disorder. There was overwhelming consensus for us to organise more events for people in this demographic and on themes on physiotherapy and mindfulness and over activities such as a residential/weekend and paddle boarding!

Then it was race time! It was pretty tight between first and second place. First place went to Andy Aird; second place to Blair Underwood and third place to Alex Whitteker.

If you’re aged 50+ and affected by a bleeding disorder, we’d love to hear from you. What information and/or support gaps do you feel currently exist when it comes being affected by a bleeding disorder? Is there anything you believe that Haemophilia Scotland could do to plug the gap? What types of activities would you like Haemophilia Scotland to organise? Please feel free to comment below. You can do so anonymously, but if you’d like to speak to us about it, please put your name and contact details in so we can reach out.

Novo Nordisk funded this event via provision of an unconditional grant.

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