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Take part in our Pairing Project

We are now accepting registrations for our Pairing Project! The Haemophilia Scotland Pairing Project is a buddy programme for people aged 18+ affected by a bleeding disorder to connect you with support and information through mentoring-style pairing relationships.


We hope that your participation in this pairing project will improve your ability to self-manage your condition and open you up to improved access to emotional support and information.


  • You will be better able to control the effects of your condition to be more physically active.
  • You will build your support network.
  • You will have increased access to the information you need to self-manage your condition.


The pairing will last for nine months. You will be required to meet with a Haemophilia Scotland staff member for a Face to Face initial assessment.
Following the initial assessment and once you are paired, we will host a pairing introduction for the two of you to meet somewhere public (e.g. cafe).
We’ll have a monthly check-in in the form of a short email survey which you will be required to complete and a midway online survey.
If you have any queries about the Project, please feel free to email or call 0131 295 0017.

Fill out the below form if you would like to register to take part in the Pairing Project.

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