Travel Insurance with a Bleeding Disorder

Be ready for anything when you travel

Be ready for anything when you travel

Organising travel insurance when you have to take account of a bleeding disorder can be tricky.  There are so many things to take into account and so many companies to talk to.

We asked Haemophilia Scotland members for the names of insurance companies who they had used to get travel insurance.  The list below are all companies who provide cover for people with bleeding disorders.  If you know of any other companies we could include on our list or have problems with any company who is on the list please let us know so we can stay up to date.

We have also been contacted by another insurance company who tells us that they regularly provide insurance to people with bleeding disorders.

Staysure and their new price comparison site Talk to Tim.

Please note that Haemophilia Scotland does not endorse or recommend any of the companies on this list.  The list if for information only.


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