Campaigning in the 4th Scottish Parliament 2011 to 2016


5th May3rd Scottish Parliament Election.
SNP 69 formed the Scottish Government – Lab 37 – Con 15 – Lib Dem 5 – Green 2 – Ind 1

8th Jun – Start of the third session of the Oral Hearings of the Penrose Inquiry.  The Penrose Inquiry

6th Sep – Start of the fourth session of the Oral Hearings of the Penrose Inquiry. The Penrose Inquiry

17th Sep – Senior Solicitor at Thompsons Solicitors, Frank Maguire, who had been a leading campaigner on the contaminated blood disaster dies. The Herald


20th Jan – Last scheduled oral hearing of the Penrose Inquiry.  There have been 88 days of hearings. The Penrose Inquiry

28th Feb – The Herald runs “Hepatitis C victims call for apology.” The Herald

30th Mar – The Penrose Inquiry hears Closing Submissions. After this, the 89th, hearing a total of 60 witnesses have given oral evidence. The Penrose Inquiry Closing Submission.

8th May – The Herald reports on the rising costs of the Inquiry. “Blood inquiry cost has reached £9m”  The Herald.

9th May – The Herald reports Philip Dolan condemning the Penrose Inquiry “Critics say tainted blood inquiry is ‘whitewash.'”  The Herald.  The same paper also runs “Cost should not be a barrier to truth about infected blood deaths.” The Herald

29th Oct – An additional Penrose Inquiry Procedural Hearing on Statistics is held. Lord Penrose give the first indication of when he expects to publish his Final Report saying, “Time is as important as expense. I have to complete this Inquiry, I have to and I cannot without a very good reason indulge in an extension of the exercise for another year, 18 months or whatever. I cannot do it and I will not do it.”  This led many people to expect the Final Report well before April 2014. The Penrose Inquiry


11th Apr – Richard Lyle MSP [SNP] tables a motion congratulating Haemophilia Scotland on being established and marking World Haemophilia Day.  The motion is signed by 54 MSPs. The Scottish Parliament

17th Apr – Haemophilia Scotland Parliamentary Reception hosted by Richard Lyle MSP [SNP] marking World Haemophilia Day and introducing Haemophilia Scotland as a newly formed independent organisation for people with bleeding disorders in Scotland, run by people with bleeding disorders in Scotland.  The Cabinet Secretary, Alex Neil MSP announced that a Scoping Exercise into the needs of those affected would be conducted. Their is an extract from his speech on our YouTube channel.

1st Aug – Alex Neil MSP [SNP] answered a written question from Richard Lyle MSP [SNP] about the progress which had been achieved towards implementing the recommendations of the Lord Ross Expert Panel. The Scottish Parliament

3rd Oct – Haemophilia Scotland is formally registered as a charity. OSCR

27th Oct – The Sunday Herald reports on the delays to the Penrose Report “Final report of bad blood inquiry delayed to 2014” and “Doctors knew I had HIV and hep C but kept quiet.” The Sunday Herald and The Sunday Herald.


8th Jan – Alex Neil MSP [SNP], Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing answered a written question from Richard Lyle MSP [SNP] about progress towards implementing the recommendations of the Ross Report. The Scottish Parliament.

16th Jan –  Penrose Inquiry announces that it will not meet its own deadline of publishing a Final Report in March 2014. Haemophilia Scotland.  The Herald Newspaper runs a story with the headline “Further delays in infected blood Inquiry”. The Herald

4th Feb – First batches of Warning Letter are issued by the Penrose Inquiry. Haemophilia Scotland. Haemophilia Scotland are awarded Core Participant Status independent of The Haemophilia Society. Haemophilia Scotland.

30th Mar – The Penrose Inquiry announces that is expects to report in the autumn.  Those affected are disappointed to still have no publication date. Haemophilia Scotland.

3rd Apr – Haemophilia Scotland highlights the lack of progress in implementing the recommendation of the Expert Panel Report from Lord Ross 10 years after it was published. Haemophilia Scotland.

16th Apr – Rhoda Grant MSP [Lab] tabled a motion highlighting World Haemophilia Day and the work of Haemophilia Scotland. The motion was signed by 39 MSPs. The Scottish Parliament.

30th Apr – Alex Neil MSP [SNP], Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing answered a written question from Richard Lyle MSP [SNP] about the powers of the Scottish Government to produce a Scottish solution to financial support for those affected by the contaminated blood disaster. The Scottish Parliament.

2nd July – The Scotsman newspaper reports that the Penrose Inquiry is expected to cost £11.7 million by the time it reports. The Scotsman.


25th Mar – The Penrose Inquiry Final Report is published.

17th NovThe Inherited Bleeding Disorders National Managed Clinical Network is launched.  This national Haemophilia committee for Scotland creates a formal structure for patient and healthcare professionals to work together to improve care.


21st Jan – The Department of Health (England) causes widespread confusion by writing to Alliance House beneficiaries in Scotland inviting them to take part in their consultation on the financial support scheme in England.

3rd Feb – The National newspaper covered the issue of the English consultation being promoted in Scotland.

5th FebThe Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service (SNBTS) introduced donor deferrals for people who have been to areas affected by the Zika virus.

9th FebThe Health and Sport Committee took evidence on progress responding to the Penrose Report.  They heard from,
Gareth Brown (Scottish Government)
Philip Dolan (Scottish Infected Blood Forum)
Professor David Goldberg (Health Protection Scotland)
Shona Robison (Cabinet Secretary for Health, Wellbeing and Sport)
Bill Wright (Haemophilia Scotland)
Petra Wright (Hepatitis C Trust)

5th May – Scottish Parliament Election returns a minority SNP Scottish Government.

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