Resign Membership

We are very sorry you are considering withdrawing as a member of Haemophilia Scotland.  We are run for and by our members and your enthusiasm and ideas are what makes us the charity we are.

However, our constitution states,

22. Any person who wants to withdraw from membership must give a written notice of withdrawal to the organisations, signed by him/her; he/she will cease to be a member as from the time when the notice is received by the organisation.

You can do this by printing a Notice to Withdraw Membership Form and returning it to us at,

Haemophilia Scotland
4th Floor, Hayweight House
23 Lauriston Street
Edinburgh. EH3 9DQ

Any letter meeting the constitutional requirements will also be accepted.

If you would like us to post you a Notice to Withdraw Membership Form please call the office or fill in the form below.

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